Re: GtkIconView

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

> Quick poll, we're trying to judge how much GtkIconView has been tested,
> since it's only 3 weeks or so until the scheduled 2.6.0 release
>  Have you used GtkIconView?


>  Did it meet your apps needs?

No. As already mentioned earlier on irc, it should not have a
"text-column" and "pixbuf-column" based API, but a cellrenderer based
one instead. Sorry for not bringing this up earlier, but I simply
forgot about that discussion.

(The actual use case for this cellrenderer based API in GIMP would be
to not use pixbuf renderers, but "GimpCellRendererViewable", which
creates its preview lazily, whereas with a pixbuf based API requires
all previews be rendered beforehand, which can impose quite some delay
upon creating the view).

The API is also not very GtkTreeViewish, it lacks a mapping from model
rows to view properties (due to the lack of renderers) and it also
lacks the concept of a "data_func", which is very useful sometimes.
It's a completely different API even though it should be a similar one.

>  Any problems?

See above. We won't be able to use it to reimplement our
insane grid view hack which currently uses GtkWrapBox.


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