RFC: gtk-icon repository (long mail)

hi all,

again I came to the situation to look out  for some toolbar iconbs I need for my
project that are beyond the stock icons. I am software developer and not really
efficient at draing stuff.
This lead me to the following idea - please comment!

gtk-icon repository:

Creating a gtk-icons project along with a bugzilla category. The project itself
just contains latest .tag.gz of the icons.
Whenever one needs an icon that is not in the archive get someone to draw it and
post it with a description as a new bug (attach the icon). The project
maintainer(s) can accepts that bug and upon that mark it as pending + include
the icon in the next tag.gz release.

When an icons is not long NEW (thus is in the archive) and can start using it
(on the base of an copy included in the project). In this case one should reply
to the bug and state that project XYZ is using the icon.

If a lot of projects using the icon, that it can be added to the stock icons.
Then the bug is closed telling since which gtk-version the icon is available as
a stock icon. Programm should then not install an own copy.

If others think this is useful, how to proceed. I have no gnome-cvs account (yet).

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