Re: Example programs

On Mon, 2004-11-15 at 17:50 -0800, Stephen Nestinger wrote:
> After looking at the latest release of Gtk+, I still
> find the same code in the new version as in the old
> version which caused a problem with the example
> menu/itemfactory.c. This problem is internal to the
> Gtk+ library in file gtkmenu.c at line 1588 of
> gtk+-2.4.10 and in file gtkmenu.c at line 1632 of
> gtk+-2.5.5. I believe that the line
>   g_return_if_fail (accel_path[0] == '<' && strchr 
>     (accel_path, '/'));
> should be
>   g_return_if_fail (accel_path[0] == '<' || strchr 
>     (accel_path, '/'));
> instead. After making this modification, the example
> program works. Without it, I get
>     (itemfactory.c:780): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file
>     gtkmenu.c: line 1588: assertion 
>     `accel_path[0] == '<' && strchr accel_path, '/')'
>     failed

Glancing at the code, it doesn't appear anything has
changed since 2001, so the example has likely been warning
that long.

gtkitemfactory is deprecated code as of GTK+-2.4, and even
when it was not deprecated, I don't think creating option
menus with it was at all common. (GtkOptionMenu is also
deprecated as of GTK+-2.4)

My tendency would be to leave sleeping dogs lie and not
change the checks in GTK+.


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