Re: is gnome-canvas actively maintained ?

On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Stefan Kost wrote:

hi hi,

can anyone with some good understanding of gnome-canvas please look at:

as you already said in the bug report, gnome-canvas needs more fixing
than simply calling g_object_new_valist() here.

and no, gnome-canvas is definitely not actively maintained.
it'd actually need some serious fixing and partial redesigns, not
all of which would be source/binary compatible. so at this point,
the correct thing to do is to recommend not using gnome-canvas anymore
and to come up with a suitable replacement (there're some attempts at
that in CVS).

It is quite a blocker for my project. I have updated my systems from gnome-2.4
(was suse 9.1) to 2.6 (Suse 9.2) and 2.8 (gentoo). After 2.4 glib checks
stricter against G_CONSTRUCT_ONLY params violations.
In my project ( I derive gnome-canvas items. The derived
classes hav additional properties, where some of the should be G_CONSTRUCT_ONLY.
Unfortunately gnome-canvas uses g_object_new() and then calls some additonal
censtruct code (that sets some private vars) and afterwards call

Right would be using g_object_new_valist() and afterwars doing the
post_constrcution. it seems that when setting some properties that depend on the
private var beeing set already.
Any idea how to properly resolv that (own constructor?)


Stefan Kost wrote:
hi hi,

can anyone assure me that there is one maintaining gnome-canvas?
I have several issues open in bugzilla and even critical ones are still uncommented.



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