Re: image loaders and thread safety

On Mon, 2004-11-01 at 21:53 -0500, Colin Walters wrote:

> So what I'm thinking is to have a flag in the loader, say
> GDK_PIXBUF_FORMAT_THREADSAFE.  If a loader didn't export this flag, then
> gdk-pixbuf would transparently lock/unlock a global mutex for that
> format around calls into it. 

Well, seems no one objects to this, so I went ahead and made a patch.
There's actually two issues here; the first was that the gdk-pixbuf core
itself wasn't threadsafe.  I submitted a patch for this:

Secondly, I created a patch for generic loader threadsafety along the
lines of the description above:

These patches probably textually conflict (I reverted the first patch
when making the second), but logically they don't.  If both are accepted
I can create a merged patch.

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