GtkFileChooser in "save mode" and placement of user specified widget (gtk_file_chooser_set_extra_widget)

Hi List!

Just updated to the new GTK-2.4.1 on win32.

When using the gtk_file_chooser_set_extra_widget() in "save mode" to put some extra things in the dialog, it's placed *between* the other widgets of the dialog.

So the dialog will look like (please have a detailed look at the provided screenshot):

Save in folder:
Browse for other folders

Which looks a bit strange as it splits the two folder related widgets of the dialog.

Wouldn't it be better to put the user provided widget below all the other one's, or is there a reason not to do so?

However, there's a workaround to use only the plain FileChooser widget and create user's own dialog, but that's not the intended solution IMHO.

Regards, ULFL

PNG image

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