Re: GTK+ replacements for libgnomeui widgets

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 16:23 -0500, James M. Cape wrote:
> As I said on #gtk-devel today, I've written some replacements for the
> GnomeFileEntry and GnomePixmapEntry widgets in libgnomeui for possible
> inclusion in GTK+ 2.6: EscoFileChooserEntry and EscoImageButton.

I was just thinking that perhaps the EscoImageButton might be made into
a more generic EscoFileChooserButton which used the user-set preview
widget as the button contents. The EscoImageButton could then be either
a subclass or a simple convenience function which filled in the
appropriate preview stuff and did the scaling and such. The code would
be much cleaner, but I'm not sure how useful random file buttons are in
real applications.


    Jim Cape

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