Re: troubles with GTK+ 2.4.1

 --- BENOIT CARPENTIER <gtkool_2kx yahoo fr> a écrit :
> Well,
> I do not have anymore my problem with immodules, I
> remove gtk.immodules I added before, and now there's
> no more problem.
> But my  second problem is still there :
> gtk_file_selector crashes (trouble with gtkrbtree.c
> line 68).
> Thanks for answering,
> Benoît "GTKool" Carpentier

Well, sorry again,
This problem with gtkrbtree.c is in fact because I
used a glib I compiled myself.
With the glib compiled download from Tor website,
there's no problem and I can seen the new gtk file
chooser. Wahoo !
I can see icons inside. (I read something on the
mailing list concerning icons).
Sorry for having disturbed you

Benoît "GTKool" Carpentier 


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