troubles with GTK+ 2.4.1


I'm doing a GTK+ package for DevC++ based on GTK+
I'm also doing a runtime for windows based on GTK+
2.4.1. I can now compile applications and create new
with a template. Great.

But I have two troubles :
- with immodule : 
"cedilla" "Cedilla" "gtk+" "/target/lib/locale"
produces an error whereas paths are correct and files
are present on these paths, the cedilla immodule is
not found.

- with the gtk_file_selection (I will replaced it by
the new file chooser) the gtk dialog now crashes
whereas it didn't before with package/runtime GTK+
2.0.3 and GTK+ ...
here is the error message (I haven't seen this
earlier) :
Gtk-Critical **: file gtkrbtree.c line 68
(_gtk_rbnode_validate_allocator): assertion
`allocator->is_unused == TRUE' failed

If somebody can answer to this.

Benoît "GTKool" Carpentier


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