some comments on 2.4.0


I'd like to make some comments on several widget in version 2.4.0

- the entry is editable, but there is no way to get the current text?
  (what is the sense of the entry being editable?)
- if the user enters some text which matches an item in the ListStore
  it should be selected (gtk_combo_box_get_active_iter())
- it doesnt layout very nicely in a hbox when the hbox is higher than
  the entry (the arrow button scales, the entry doesnt):
                       ___       _____
  .-------------------|   |        ^
  | The entry         | V |   hbox height
  `-------------------|___|      __v__

- the label of the combo box isnt centered vertically when then combo
  height is smaller than the default.

- The header label doesnt expand, which means, you cannot do something

   > function ...............C-F1
   > another function........C-F2

  This would be a header label consisting of a hbox with an expanding
  label and a non-expanding label.

- Button, eventboxes, etc. in the header label dont get mouse events.


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