Slow property change of TreeView CellRenderers

Dear All,

I'm trying to use the TreeView widget in my application as a file

What I want to do is setting the background and foreground of list
entries accordingly to their tagged/untagged state, because a) the
available selection mechanisms only provide limited interaction
possibilities and b) though I could use a CheckBox for this purpose,
I'd rather prefer this way (it's more intuitive for me).

The problem is that CellRenderers seem to handle the property change
operation (only foreground, background change in my case) very
slowly. I've tried fixed size TreeViews too with no speed

Just to illustrate the speed, on a 2500+ Athlon XP a full screen
(1280x1024) TreeView cannot handle more than around 10 of such
selections in a second.

Do you plan to optimise TreeView in this aspect in the future? Can we
consider this as a bug (should I report this into bugzilla) or it is
due to the immaturity of the widget?

Thanks in advance.


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