Canon Raw format support for gdk-pixbuf

Hi Everybody,

I have almost completed the implementation of Canon Raw format for
digital pictures in gdk-pixbuf.

People like me have been struggling using RAW format under linux
because we need to convert them to JPEGs to be able to view them with
any tools (eog, nautilus, gqview, etc).

The Canon raw format embeds a smaller JPEG inside the RAW file (60% of
the original size in my Canon D60). I have been understanding the 
format of the RAW file (with the help of some people who have done
most of the work before me), and I can pin point exactly where this
"large" thumbnail resides.

Today I modified the gdk-pixbuf code to add support for this format
(basically same code as the JPEG handler, but I add an extra fseek to
the location of the thumbnail). The code seems to be working fine, and
I can load embedded JPEGS in the RAW files.

So I have several questions with respect to all of this:

1. Is there any interest to merge this code into gdk-pixbuf?

2. If yes, should I create a separate library for the Canon RAW code,
   similar to libpng and libjpeg or add it as part of gdk-pixbuf?

3. Is there anybody interested in testing this code?

Finally, I am not sure which cameras my code will work with. I am
confident it will work with any Canon camera that embeds a JPEG into
the RAW file. I am not sure which these cameras are. I would need
samples from the different models.

Doing the conversion from the raw file is possible, but time
consuming. That might be to expensive to do on a regular basis (like
when using nautilus). For most of these applications, the embedded
JPEP will be good enough, IMHO.


thanks a lot!

Daniel M. German
dmgerman uvic ca


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