Re: glib CVS HEAD does not compile on powerpc (gatomic asm problem)

Sebastian Wilhelmi schrieb:
Moin Christof,

Moin Moin

Hm, I just tested it again on the sourceforge compile farm's G4 (OSX)
and it works there. They are using gcc version-2.95. Maybe the new gcc
versions don't like the old constraints anymore, or the G3 needs other?

debian (sid) defaults to gcc 3.3.3, I also tested with 3.2.3 which gave the same error.

Anyway the code was copied from glibc. See

This of course doesn't solve your problems ;-) But as they might have
the same problems on your platforms, maybe we could ask them.
Where is your glibc from? Debian? The we could check the debian
diff-file for glibc.

I will take a look into the debian glibc sources.


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