RE: changing workspaces while dragging confuses gtk

> > Exact version of GTK+? This is supposed to work, and there is a lot
> > of code in GTK+ whose sole purpose is to make it work, though there
> > was a problem for a while with event handling (I don't remember the
> > details) that was keeping it from working.
> This is with the CVS version of Gtk+ (as checked out by jhbuild
> yesterday).  Given that there is no (current) way of switching
> workspaces while dragging (keyboard shortcuts don't work, etc.), there
> isn't any easy way of testing said code.  If you (or anyone else)
> to test it, the patch to libwnck for switching workspaces while
> is in bug #136698 (

Can you set up a keyboard shortcut to switch desktops?  I set my desktop
up to switch using Alt+<num> for each desktop (Windowmaker uses that I


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