g_spawn_async incompatible api change

Compiling The Gimp reveals that the recently added GPid (== void*)
may be not such a good idea :

D:\devel\my-gtk\gimp\app>nmake -nologo -f makefile.msc sub-one THIS=plug-in
	cd plug-in
	nmake -nologo -f makefile.msc
cl -G5 -Zi -MD -W3 -nologo -FImsvc_recommended_pragmas.h -I..\.. -I..\../app -I..\..\..\glib -I..\..\..\glib\glib -I..\..\..\glib\gmodule -I..\..\..\other\intl-tml -I ..\..\../atk -I..\..\../gtk+\gdk -I..\..\../gtk+ -I..\..\..\pango -I..\..\../atk -GD -c plug-in.c
plug-in.c(450) : error C4047: 'function' : 'void ** ' differs in levels of indirection from 'int *' plug-in.c(450) : warning C4022: 'g_spawn_async' : pointer mismatch for actual parameter 7

How do we fix this ?
Changing it back to "typedef GPid int" in glibconfig.h ?

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