Re: UNIX/WIN32 exports in 2.3.5

On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 09:40, J. Ali Harlow wrote:
> I have been thinking of possible ways to solve the perennial problem of 
> maintaining the win32 export files. Meanwhile, I have written a quick 
> script which compares the functions listed in a win32 .def file with 
> those exported from a unix shared library.
> Clearly a number of these are false positives. So far I've ignored any 
> functions exported by unix with a leading underscore and any that are 
> clearly platform specific (eg., *_win32_*, X* etc). I'd be grateful for
> any more input on functions listed as missing that should not, in fact,
> be exported.

Well, for starters, anything that doesn't start with g_ pango_ / gtk_ /
gdk_ shouldn't be exported. (Not sure about glib_on_error_halt without
looking further.)

Some other stuff shouldn't be exported; in a quick look, I see:

> pango_aliases_ht

> pango_ot_info_finalizer

> gdk_pixbuf_marshal_VOID__INT_INT
> gdk_pixbuf_marshal_VOID__INT_INT_INT_INT

> gdk_window_impl_x11_get_type

> Missing from x11 gdk:

What does this mean?

> gdk_input_motion_events

This looks like some sort of GTK+-1.2 leftover in the win32 code.

> gdk_pixmap_get_type

This one is as far as I know exported

> gtk_path_bar_get_type
> gtk_path_bar_set_path

> Missing from x11 gtk:
> gtk_init_abi_check
> gtk_init_check_abi_check

Those are win32 specific.


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