ComboBox keybindings

Hi Calum,

in my quest to get the new combobox widgets in shape for 2.4, I've come 
around to look at the keybindings. Here is what is currently implemented:

when the popup is not displayed and the focus is in the button or in the 
entry of a editable combo box:
- Alt-Down  displays the popup
- Down/Up, Page Up/Page Down, Home/End  change the selected 
  item without displaying the popup

when the popup is displayed in menu mode:
- regular menu keybindings 
- Alt-Up  hides the menu without changing the selected item

when the popup is displayed in list mode:
- Esc, Alt-Up  hide the popup without changing the selected item
- Return, Space  hide the popup and change the selected item
- Down/Up, Page Up/Page Down, Home/End  move the selection 
  in the list
Note that Page Up/Page Down should move page-wise, but the 
list mode doesn't support scrolling yet...

There are some points on which I'm not 100% sure:

- Should we use Alt-Up, Alt-Down to toggle display of the popup
  (inherited from GtkCombo, also seen in e.g. IE) or Ctrl-Up, 
  Ctrl-Down as in the aging keybindings document? 

- Should Tab work to hide the display and move the focus when
  the list is displayed? 
    +makes Tab navigation more consistent
    +IE does this as well
    -might feel a bit strange, at least in menu mode, since Tab
     doesn't normally work like that in menus
    -the case might be stronger for entrycompletion, where the
     popup works more like a very specialized input method

- Should the keybindings document be updated?


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