Re: Adding error reporting to GtkFileChooser

<quote who="Michael Natterer">

> Where, really *where* is the problem in delaying the GNOME 2.6.0 release a
> bit? I thought this is free software which is ready when it's ready and
> not some marketing and deadline driven commercial product.

Our time-based releases are incredibly important to the consistent, high
quality and involving development approach of the GNOME project. We take
this very seriously.

At the beginning of this release cycle, we were under the impression that
GTK+ was well on its way to achieving its own scheduled release, and that
there was no danger relying on it. Unfortunately, it has taken more time
than everyone expected, and is now holding up major GNOME and Fedora
releases. That's okay, now we just have to get through it, and make sure
that we don't blow out our release schedules insanely, nor make crucial
mistakes in critical API decisions. They're both important concerns, and
right now, they're *somewhat* in opposition.

I understand you may not agree with or care for GNOME's release strategy,
but it is something that we are very concerned about, and has an important
role in our decision-making process.

- Jeff

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