How bring Handlebox "always" on top


I work on Windows 2k (with PyGTK 2.2.4) and i want do follow (if 

If the mainwindow is active, the detached Handleboxes (Toolbars) should 
always visible, eg. on the top over the mainwindow. If are more than one 
Handlebox detached, all Handleboxes are over the mainwindow and the last 
detached Handlebox is on top. 
If the mainwindow is not active the detached handleboxes are not visible. 

In the current version, the mainwindow is on top and the detached 
Handleboxes can hidden by the Mainwindow (if it is moved) or by other 
windows and i cannot bring it back on top. 

Have anybody  a idea how i can solve this problem ? 

I seek in my documentation, but there are not very much functions to 
manage stacking order. I only found functions in gtk.Window (present) and 
gtk.gdk.Window (raise, lower). 

I think it must be possible, because gtk.Menu.popup bring a Menu always on 
top. You can move the underlaying mainwindow without hide the menu. 

Thank you for any ideas / inspiration


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