Re: Adding error reporting to GtkFileChooser

Owen Taylor said:
> Looking lame should never be a criterion for whether or not to
> do something, so if the benefits outway the first downsides,
> we should make the change. (So, to make the change, I'd like
> to get release team and bindings authors sign off on it first.)

i don't speak officially for the perl bindings team as a whole, but i don't
think they'd dissagree. if the only changes are return values and adding
GError's on the end it won't change our api and wouldn't really cause much

>  - Boolean returns can be added at any time without breaking
>    compatibility

same goes for the perl bindings.

as for the GError's they're turned into perl croaks and the GError objects
wrapped and placed in $@, so they can be caught using normal perl practices.
they're not passed as parameters so the changes would be confined to a
function that didn't croak, now can. since GtkFileChooser hasn't been in a
stable release i dont' think this would hurt anything.


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