Re: gtk_clipboard_wait_for_text_timeout

On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 01:38, Gaal Yahas wrote:
> In applications it is often useful to have a way to wait on the clipboard,
> but only tolerate short waits. A delay of 50ms, for example, is not
> noticeable by the user and is *usually* enough to get text from the
> clipboard. In case the time window is not enough to get the text, the
> application can act as if the request failed.
> I'd like to suggest the following be included in gtk/gtkclipboard.c:
> (This is a simple function, but it can't simply be put in user code
> because it uses some private gtk symbols)

API proposals generally belong in bugzilla, but here I'm pretty sure
we shouldn't add such a function. Adding a timeout like this makes
the clipboard unreliable for the user for no apparent reason, and
unreliable differently between apps.

If the concern is applications not responding at all, then we 
possibly should consider reducing the time for GTK+ to timeout
selection retrieval (I think it's currently 5 minutes, which is
almost certainly too long.)


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