Re: gtk_container_remove - issues


Dave Malcolm <david davemalcolm demon co uk> writes:

> You might like to try putting a breakpoint on the function "g_logv". 
> This is called by the innards to GTK/glib to print the warnings (along
> with calls to g_message etc).  When it hits the breakpoint you can then
> look back up the stack to see what's causing each warning (though you
> may need to have GTK built with debugging info in order to get useful
> results from this)

You can also pass --g-fatal-warnings to your app which will cause it
to crash on any warnings. You can then examine the cause of the
warning in a debugger.

But this is really not the right list to discuss this topic since it's
about development of GTK+, not development with GTK+. gtk-app-devel-list
would be better suited.


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