RE: GTK+ release soon?

On Tue, 2004-01-20 at 08:07, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> ease-team email:
> One thing that the GTK+ people can certainly do to help is to release
> regular tarballs (ideally one for each GNOME 2.5 release), so that we have a
> good chance of getting it tested. It disturbs me greatly that you seem to be
> waiting for stuff to get into GTK+ before doing tarballs - please just push
> it out into the world regularly. If we can't be sure when a GTK+ tarball
> will appear then I fear a great deal more delayed GNOME 2.5 test releases.

No, I'm waiting to have 5 consecutive minutes to do a release. (Well,
actually, a day or so in total.)

There are only 3 things on my TODO list for the rest of this week, 
doing 2.3.2 releases being one of them.

By far the most time consuming part of doing a devel series release
is writing the NEWS entries. (Especially when one hasn't been done
for a while.) If people want to help out, that's a pretty
straightforward thing to do, especially for an area that you are
familiar with.


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