Re[2]: Gimp 2.0, icons and GLib

>> Refresh my memory, what's the issue here?

> Plugins can't be loaded when the path contains a space:

Ah yes. That problem indeed was fixed in CVS in September.

> IIRC, you said that this was already fixed in CVS, and that you will
> release a snapshot before GIMP 2.0 would be released, since you
> didn't expect GLib 2.2.4 to be released anytime soon.

Hmm... I don't like doing snapshot releases, because of the
accompanying hassle of making a corresponding snapshot source tarball,
which is kinda painful on Windows.

I really would prefer if there was a GLib 2.2.4 release, and also a
Pango 1.2.6 and GTK+ 2.2.5 release in the same approximate timeframe
as GIMP 2.0's release... There are some important bugfixes in all of
them. Is there any chance of this happening?


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