OpenGL option for GTK+ (bug #119189)

Hi all,

I'm a maintainer of GtkGLExt, and working for OpenGL support in GTK+.

In bugzilla bug #119189, Owen said that GtkGLExt-1.0's "gtk_widget_*()
add-on API approach" doesn't fit into the GTK+ model very well.

So I've wrote new GtkGLDrawingArea widget built upon libgdkglext library
of GtkGLExt.

This GtkGLDrawingArea widget basically models after the SGI's
traditional GLwDrawingArea widget.

If you are interested in OpenGL support in GTK+, please try it, and tell
me your comments. If Owen and other GTK+ people like this
GtkGLDrawingArea widget rather than GtkGLExt-1.0's gtk_widget_*() add-on
API, I'm going to add it to GtkGLExt API, and work for GtkGLExt-2.0

So please help me to realize the purpose of providing well-defined,
flexible, multi-platform OpenGL support API for GTK+.

Thank you,

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