Re: gtkhtml2 segfault on win32 when using tags with attributes

Bernhard Rumpler wrote:
> Hi,
> I have built gtkhtml-2.4.0 for windows using the MinGW tools and cygwin.
A bug report with a test file which causes the problem and a stack trace would help.


> Simple example programs, such as simple.c in gtkhtml's tests directory do
> work, but only with html tags that do not have attributes. Tags with
> attributes cause a segmentation fault, when the function
> html_document_write_stream is called.
> <html></html>      works
> <center></center>  works
> <br> and <hr>      work
> <a href="someref">lnk</a> segfaults
> <font =...>txt</font>     segfaults
> Does anyone have any ideas what could be the reason for this? Could the
> problem be an incompatible build/version of libxml?
> thanks,
> Bernhard
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