Alternative to hpaned/vpaned for multi-widget resizing.

Hi all,

I'm the maintainer of gperfmeter, an app. that shows stats graphically 
for things like CPU, swap, load etc. The app. has a custom Gtk widget 
to do this. There are several different graphs (from 1-10) that can be 
displayed at any one time. The graphs can be displayed horizontally or

I'd like to put resize handlers between the individual graphs, so that 
each can be a different size. 

The nested panes example in testgtk.c in the tests directory of the 
gtk+ module (routine paned_keyboard_window3() to be exact), shows how to
do this.

Because of the nature of how gperfmeter works (the ability to be able to
turn on/off the display of the graph for any of the ten types of stats
that it provides, this nested approach is really awkward.

Anybody have any other suggestions on how to tackle this?


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