Re: type_info macro generation ...

On Fri, 2003-09-19 at 09:14, Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi Owen,
> 	Just poking at the GTypeInfo stuff, and I appreciate how controversial
> eg. bonobo's "DO_TYPE_EVERYTHING" type macros are (pwrt. interfaces etc.
> etc.).
> 	It struck me that if instead of having to do:
>      static const GTypeInfo foo_info = {
> 	sizeof(FooClass), NULL, NULL, foo_class_init, NULL, NULL, 
> 	sizeof(Foo), 0, foo_init, NULL
>      };
> 	or somesuch; perhaps a significant size saving could be had from a
> macro something like:
> 	G_TYPEINFO_DECL(foo, Foo);
> 	or somesuch ? - that could shrink the get_type by a good number of
> lines for the very common case.

As far as I know, there's nothing at all controversial about the libgsf
style of macro that defines the entire get_type() function. That is,
everybody who has commented on it thinks it's a good idea. Still haven't
heard from Tim.

The BONOBO_BOILERPLATE style with the prototypes for class_init and init
and the class_init trampoline to set the parent type, I think *is*
to comprehensive. Plus, it doesn't do interfaces.

But I like the libgsf style a lot.


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