New GQueue API


Owen says he thinks it makes sense to complete GQueue to get a full
GList/GSList equivalent API. So here is the list of GList API with my
comments on their appropriateness for GQueue:


    GList*   g_list_append         (GList            *list,
                                    gpointer          data);
    GList*   g_list_prepend        (GList            *list,
                                    gpointer          data);

These functions are already available, named a bit oddly as


    GList*   g_list_insert         (GList            *list,
                                    gpointer          data,
                                    gint              position);
    GList*   g_list_remove         (GList            *list,
                                    gconstpointer     data);
    GList*   g_list_remove_all     (GList            *list,
                                    gconstpointer     data);
    GList*   g_list_reverse        (GList            *list);
    GList*   g_list_copy           (GList            *list);
    gint     g_list_index          (GList            *list,
                                    gconstpointer     data);
    guint    g_list_length         (GList            *list);
    void     g_list_foreach        (GList            *list,
                                    GFunc             func,
                                    gpointer          user_data);
    gpointer g_list_nth_data       (GList            *list,
                                    guint             n);

These make sense and have an obvious counterpart for GQueue, though
the function g_list_nth_data() should probably be called
g_queue_peek_nth() to be consistent with g_queue_peek_front.


    GList*   g_list_insert_sorted  (GList            *list,
                                    gpointer          data,
                                    GCompareFunc      func);

I think we should have

        void g_queue_insert_sorted (GQueue *queue,
                                    gpointer data,
                                    GCompareDataFunc func,
                                    gpointer sort_data);

ie. the compare function should take a user argument.

    GList*   g_list_sort           (GList            *list,
                                    GCompareFunc      compare_func);
    GList*   g_list_sort_with_data (GList            *list,
                                    GCompareDataFunc  compare_func,
                                    gpointer          user_data);
Similarly, I think we should only have g_queue_sort() that takes a


    GList*   g_list_insert_before  (GList            *list,
                                    GList            *sibling,
                                    gpointer          data);
    GList*   g_list_remove_link    (GList            *list,
                                    GList            *llink);
    GList*   g_list_delete_link    (GList            *list,
                                    GList            *link_);
    GList*   g_list_nth            (GList            *list,
                                    guint             n);
    GList*   g_list_nth_prev       (GList            *list,
                                    guint             n);
    GList*   g_list_find           (GList            *list,
                                    gconstpointer     data);
    GList*   g_list_find_custom    (GList            *list,
                                    gconstpointer     data,
                                    GCompareFunc      func);
    gint     g_list_position       (GList            *list,
                                    GList            *llink);
    GList*   g_list_last           (GList            *list);
    GList*   g_list_first          (GList            *list);

These make sense if and only if we consider GList * links iterators
into GQueue. I am not sure if that's desirable, but note that we
already have


The function corresponding to g_list_nth() should probably be named


    GList*   g_list_concat         (GList            *list1,
                                    GList            *list2);

This could possibly make sense as

        g_queue_concat (GQueue *queue, GQueue *other);

Should this free @other, or should the contents just be moved to


Some functions that could be useful, but don't correspond to anything
in GList:

        GList *g_queue_pop_list (GQueue *queue)

returns the list. When this function returns @queue will be empty.

        void g_queue_push_list_{head|tail} (GQueue *queue, GList *list);

adds a full list to the queue (taking ownership).

        gpointer g_queue_pop_nth (GQueue *queue, gint nth)

returns and removes the nth element of the queue.

        GQueue *g_queue_splice_nth (GQueue *queue, gint nth);
        GQueue *g_queue_splice     (GQueue *queue, gpoitner data);
        GQueue *g_queue_splice_link (GQueue *queue, GList *link_);

[more dubious, but may be useful if we have g_queue_concat() and



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