RE: [Usability] An Attempt at tasks for the FOSD

Il lun, 2003-09-15 alle 12:28, Murray Cumming Comneon com ha scritto:
> > From: Mark Finlay [mailto:sisob tuxfamily org] 
> > These are in no way complete and were only really thought of in 10
> > minutes but they will hopefully server to get the ball 
> > rolling and show
> > those unfamiliar with task-based design what Havoc and Calum were on
> > about.
> On about when?

Now. Read your e-mail. Generally all of the mails from Calum/Havoc on
the subject suggest organizing the ideas in a task-based list.

>  What is FOSD?

File Open Save Dialog.

-- dobey

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