Re: [Usability] An Attempt at tasks for the FOSD

On 13 Sep 2003, Dave Malcolm wrote:

> > * View a preview of the item being opened

I hope that restraint will be shown and that previews wont involve
embedding full blown media players, for video a few still keyframes
really should be enough.

> Suggested addition to "occasional by many": compare certain properties
> of files:

The root of the problem that both both the previews and the
properties/metadata are trying to address is duplicate files.  Users want
to either deliberately avoid duplication or possibly override older

I try to largely ignore the problem by adding some sort of suffix to the
files and worry about sorting out duplicates and cleanign up my filesystem
later with nautilus or something.

Rather than trying to provide all the information straight away, this
information could be provided if a user tried to overwrite an existing
file, at which point the extra information would allow them to decide if
they really wanted to overwrite the existing file.


Alan Horkan

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