Re: [Usability] An Attempt at tasks for the FOSD

> Ocasional by Many (Suggested, more clicks)
> > * Add a folder to the list of frequent folders
> > * Create a new folder
> > * Change settings specific to the file type being used
> Suggested addition: Toggle whether the filename extension should be
> hidden or shown.  I believe it should be supplied automatically, in
> either case.  I believe that the default should be "hidden".

Excuse me if I'm wrong but does GNOME use file extensions at all ? i
thought it was al about MIME-Types. I mean that, in GNOME, a JPEG file
can be called "" if you really want (and it would still
be recognized as a JPEG file), couldn't it ? So hiding extensions would
actually imply that extensions are some special codes determining the
file type, which they aren't. And that's confusing if the sub-system
doesn't use extensions to determine the file type but the FOSA acts like
if it did...

Does anyone follow me here ?

So, my suggestion is to show the "extension" and not to allow to hide it
at all.

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