Re: File selector UI proposal

On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 04:49, Artur Brodowski wrote:
> this is a reply to Owen's request - i cannot help with discussing API,
> since i'm not that deep into GTK programming, so i thought i'd just
> post some ideas. it's easier to discuss users' needs when you can
> actually see things.

My bad.  I need to read all the e-mails before I post.  Not knowing what
the API is, I guess I'll can't make too many suggestions of my own about
the layout.

> what i think is essential for fileselector is
> 1. basic file managing stuff (new folder, rename and delete should be
> enough) - since lot of times people want to create folders for new 
> saved files. buttons are imho better than context menu (like in
> Windows)

Context menus are not obvious to a user.  There's nothing in the GUI's
visual cues to suggest that they even exist.  Microsoft has taught us to
blindly right-click everywhere (which sometimes is quite useful).  So
yes, buttons probably are better.

> 2. shortcuts - at least most frequently used locations like ~/ and
> ~/Desktop, but it would be nice if one could define /filesdownloaded
> fromthenet bookmark, wouldn't it? also it wold be great (i have no idea 
> if it's implementable though) if you could bookmark a directory with
> D&D.

I agree.  Using Ximian's selector, I use these shortcuts frequently. 
Under windows I also use them frequently.

> 3. not along with HIG, i know, but it has to be flexible and comfortable
> _also_ for power users - showing hidden files and filtering is a must.
> it could be hidden by default - i discussed it with one of my friend,
> who knows Gtk better, and he proposed GtkExpander:

Hoepfully some kind of middle-ground between the needs of the powerusers
and normal users can be found.  Probably each design can be torn apart,
but that's okay.  That's how we'll figure it out


> i'll try to use some of your hints and post an update.
> best regards,
> artb.
Michael Torrie <torriem byu edu>

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