2.4 API freeze GLib bugs

This excludes GObject and the Win32 bug #120299

Has patch
114749 	add g_unichar_get_mirror_char
 Has commit approval

Need patch
50296 	UNIX signal main loop source
 Waiting for a new revision from jrb

97556 	Eel functions for adding message comments should be moved to
        to GLib.
 I think we should put something in here; would make the
 translators happy. Matthias's last approach looks basically,
 right. Probably should be done with 122111 so we can have
 a standard macro name.

113697 	g_ptr_array_sort_[with_data] is twisted
 I really don't know what to do with this one. We need to
 come up with replacement names and deprecate the current

122111 	Add gi18n.h, gi18n-lib.h
 Should be simple enough to do if people agree on the approach.

If we get patch
51639 	Equivalent of __FUNCTION__ for Sun's compiler
 There's a patch, but it needs some cleanup.

63621 	Add GAtomicInt for atomic integer operations
 No good intuitition here, but I think the public API in 
 the patch is probably something we can support. The coverage
 for non-fallback implementations in the current patch
 is too thin ... i386, sparc64, and alpha.

78414 	g_queue_remove() and g_queue_remove_all()
 My feeling here is that we should extends GQueue to mirror the
a entire GList/GSList API. Need a patch for that.

88329 	Add g_strtokenize()
 I'm OK with the idea of the addition; some comments in
 the bug report about details. Needs docs and test.

98536 	Add g_timer_continue()
 Pretty trivial addition

103710 	Why is there no G_MININT32/16/8, G_MAXINT32/16/8, G_MAXUINT3
 I'm OK with the addition, patch needs redoing not to
 do stuff in configure.in.

122057 	Add g_warning_location()
 Can wait. I'm not sure that the proposed name is right.

80498 	Added function g_io_channel_new_pipe()
 Need comments from Tor on whether this is portable feasible

99226 	Add G_HIDDEN
 Might be worth looking at the 'slim' stuff that Cairo
 is using for alternate symbol-hiding magic.

113075 	support "nonnull" attribute
 No hurry on this

111848 	function to canonicalize file names
 I don't think we really have a good sense of exactly what
 we want here yet.

83729 	Patches to add iterators to GLib
 I consider this a wontfix, but *still* haven't written up the
 detailed rational for that

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