Re: File selector UI proposal

Am Fre, 2003-09-12 um 00.29 schrieb Michael L Torrie:

> Here are some non-scientific, non-HIG-expert points about his design:

In my opinion it should be as simple as possible. There's so much crap
in some fileselector (Windows XP, KDE) implementations that it's not
funny anymore.

- Two pane design for directories and files is a must, as is some
  indication of the full path and a manual input possibility with tab
- I'd completely move all "advanced" operations we currently have into
  some extra pane/window triggered by a button.
- What is this Home/Desktop/Document button group anyway? Has anybody
  used it more than once out of curiosity? What about making it
  configurable? Or even move it into the directory pane, where it
  doesn't use precious space?
- Does anyone remember the reqtools library on the Amiga? They had some
  pretty decent (and simple!) selectors. Also they had the possibility
  of choice for the programmer what to show in the selector with proper
  indication of type in the window itself. Why show files when a
  directory is wanted? Why allow selecting multiple files when only one
  makes sense? Why not indicate that selecting multiple files might make
- I'd like to see something like typeahead to comfortable navigate
  through directories and select a single file. You don't know it? Try a
  recent mozilla/firebird/galeon and start hacking on your keyboard;
  it's a very efficient way to navigate through a page.


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