Re: gtk_message_dialog_new_with_markup() revisited

On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 18:03, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Am Mit, 2003-08-13 um 16.31 schrieb Owen Taylor:
> > *However*, any extension to printf() syntax, whether new formats
> > character or a new flag, removes the ability to use G_GNUC_PRINTF() and
> > that is pretty much a killer objection from my perspective. Those
> > warnings are just too valuable to give up.
> > 
> > We could hijack %#s which has no standard meaning; gcc passes that
> > currently. But I'm not sure that we can count on that for the future.
> Hmm, I hadn't thought about that. Yes, loosing those warnings would be
> bad. 
> So maybe your idea is better, although I still don't like the fact that
> it makes %s in gtk_message_dialog_new_with_markup() behave differently
> from every other printf()-like function in glib and gtk. If this trap is
> really so bad, then maybe we should just remove
> gtk_message_dialog_new_with_markup() and add
> gtk_message_dialog_set_markup() instead ?

Hey Matthias - 

Any further thoughts on this? My feeling is that 
gtk_message_dialog_new_with_markup() with magic %s is what most people
want most of the time, and thus makes sense.

Should we go ahead and:

 - Add g_markup_printf_escaped() using my code from bugzilla
 - Make gtk_dialog_new_with_markup() use it.
 - Add gtk_dialog_set_markup()
 - Add gtk_label_set_printf()         [ gtk_label_format()?]
 - Add gtk_label_set_markup_printf() 



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