2.4 API Freeze GObject bugs

80487 A generalized accumulator for signals that return gboolean 
 Just sent a patch to the list

81040 G_TYPE_GTYPE is missing from fundamental types 
 Would need a patch

100948 g_value_set_string_take_ownership should be official 
 Has patches that look fine to me

101053 Should be able to block signal handlers on signal id 
 Has a patch that looks fine to me  

105894 Support properties on interfaces
  No suprises here

107397 G_TYPE_BOILERPLATE wanted, as replacement of GNOME_CLASS_BOILERPLATE

  The suggest here is to add something like the macros in
  libgsf/gsf/gsf-impl-utils.h, which provide simple ways
  of defining the standard get_type() function patterns,
  including interface.

  I added a simplified versions to pango in 
  pango/pango/pango-impl-utils.h without the interface
  capability. The ful gsf versions make more sense for
  GObject, but I like the name PANGO_DEFINE_TYPE() better 
  than gsf's GSF_CLASS().

  I think this is a *big* help in writing new object types
  and would really like to see this addition for GObject-2.4.

110528 collecting value arrays is inconvenient

 Patch adds a G_TYPE_STRING_ARRAY that uses g_strdupv/gstrfreev.
 Pretty trivial patch, main question is whether NULL 
 terminated arrays arrays like this are the right way to do it.

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