Re: Serial Communication with GTK under Windows and Linux

At 05:50 09.09.03 -0700, Robert Bui wrote:
>Hello all,
>    Does anyone know how to use GTK for serial communication under both 
>Windows and Linux? Or better still a sample program?
>    Or any other points would be great.
gtk-devel-list is about development of GTK+, not development with
GTK+. Such questions should be asked on gtk-list or gtk-app-devel-list

Or, wait : may be not even there. Probably it's better to look into 
your platform documentation before asking basic questions on 
a mailing-list.

But to answer part of your question : Gtk+ does not provide an
abstraction for serial communication. If it would these functions
would be in GLib.

The win32 function to start with is CreateFile("COM?", ...);
AFAIK the respective *NIX function is open("/dev/tty?", ...

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