Re: Interfaces on properties, 2002-08-27

On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Here's another version of interfaces on properties, modified
> to more closely follow what you sketched out in:

there were some confusing parts in the diff, i.e. it looked like you
diffed it against another patched gobject version. can you resend it
in a version that applies cleanly against CVS and contains only the
parts you claim, please?

> Notes:
>  - The main open question in my mind is whether we should keep
>    g_param_spec_set_redirect_target() and the REDIRECT flag as
>    a separate concept from g_param_spec_override() - if we
>    simply made g_param_spec_get_redirect_target know about
>    G_PARAM_SPEC_OVERRIDE, we could get rid of the need to
>    store the redirect target in qdata.
>    Right now, you can do a couple of things with
>    g_param_spec_set_redirect_target() you can't do with
>    a hidden g_param_spec_override():
>     - You can have your own implementations of set_default(),
>       validate() that don't just chain up.  '
>     - You can set nick/blurb on your paramspec and have
>       that override the nick/blurb from the redirect target.
>    However, since redirected properties are invisible to
>    g_object_class_list_properties() and
>    g_object_class_find_property(), I'm not sure that's a good
>    thing to allow.

i don't think that's a good idea either, as mentioned in previous mails.

>  - g_object_class_check_iface_properties() needs to be reworked
>    once we have a g_type_set_interface_postinit_function().

can you outline how you imagine interface_postinit to look like?

in particular, i'm thinking along the lines of a more generic than
specific version, to avoid adding more and more class hooks in
the future. e.g. i'd prefer a simple callback that just gets the
class type and is called everytime the class finished initialization
and when interfaces are aded thereafter.
however, that'd mean the callback doesn't have any information about
what interfaces got newly added and will always have to check the
full set.

>  - Doc comments will be moved into the template files once we
>    are done discussing the interfaces.

> Regards,
> 						Owen


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