Re: [Usability] FOSA ideas

On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 14:08, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 13:36, Bryan W Clark wrote:
> > Personally when opening a file I would prefer a nautilus type view
> > because with the movie and picture thumbnailing that is built in there I
> > find it easy to get the exact file I want.  I'm sure as other thumbnails
> > come along for other file types it will get even easier for those types
> > as well.
> > So I made a quick mock up of what I'd appreciate in an FO
> >
> > 
> > Note there are no file extensions, because the program i'm opening the
> > file from should have told the FO dialog what it can handle and I don't
> > need to waste space seeing that. (maybe an option to view extensions
> > would be good somewhere hidden in the gconf for those of you who will
> > flame over this)
> gconf again not being in gtk, this could be problematic.  

Ah yes, and you make a good point below about this.

> > Each file has a thumbnail of it's contents, this makes it easy to know
> > what I'm opening especially if I have a harddrive full of movies and I
> > don't remember the name, but do remember that it was the one with the
> > Bert and Ernie skit.
> In this case we do have the preview widget, which should definitely be
> used in the case of movies, and actually most other documents.  A teensy
> thumbnail can be pretty useless on many file types (which you do address
> below).
> > I did put a zoom control at the top right because maybe someone wants a
> > larger size thumbnail, my eye sight is pretty good but I'm young.
> So if I need to zoom in to see the thumbnail, the list becomes next to
> useless since all it can show is the thumbnail?  Seems better to remove
> the zoom and just allow for the preview.  The thumbnail should just be
> the MIME icon, which is useful especially when we have no extensions
> shown.  (I *do* care if I'm opening "some-image" in PNG or XCF - one has
> all the layers and such for editing further, the other is just a bitmap
> useful for display.)

Ok, so the Zoom option is removed now simply for this reason and since
we do have the preview file option to get a bigger view of a file.

For a markup of what Eli Dow and I changed, take a look at this one.

Then for the new and improved view of this check out the UFO (Universal
File Open)

The Location bar has been moved up

The "New Folder" option has been removed, because nobody creates new
folders when they are looking to open a file.

The Zoom is gone, as briefly talked about above.

We added the file extensions back in.  I didn't want to do this really
because I'd much rather not include it.   However we can't come up with
a magic way of showing people the difference between the same file
that's an xcf and png that are both thumbnailed.  I was hoping it would
be possible to do a decorator or something similar to what Eclipse does,
but I don't know if that's really possible.

Some renames of the text, Directory -> Folders

Oh and we put the OK / Cancel buttons in there finally!

Plus a whole lot of other little improvements to the L/F

The "Location://" was a way of showing the Location text while running
out of room in the toolbar area.


Ok, I'm looking forward to getting lots of comments again on this one
and then we'll revise again and start work on a SA dialog box.  

~ Bryan

Bryan W Clark
Graduate What?
Math && Computer Science Dept.
Clarkson University
Potsdam, NY USA

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