Re: gtk-2.3.0 build problem. prefix!=/usr but libtool uses /usr/lib/*

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 04:06, Magnus Bergman wrote:

> I don't know the "right" solution to this problem. But you can edit the
> .la files in question to point to the new location (/usr/local/lib), but
> that can become quite cumbersome in the long run. What I personally do
> is to delete all .la files, but since I know that is discouraged I will
> not recommend it to anyone. (I have never understood the whole point of
> the .la files, they only cause trouble, but they are probably good for
> something.)

Actually, I highly approve of deleting all .la files. The
Red Hat packages ship without .la files. On most people's systems, .la
files do nothing but harm.

There are some operating systems (AIX comes to mind) where
they have a bit of a point, but not for Linux, Solaris,


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