Clipboard Stops Working


I've noticed on Windows that the clipboard fails to operate correctly (in Windows applications like Word) AND my GTK application in this scenario:

	- Copy text (all is fine - it can be pasted)
	- Copy an image.
	- Copy text (unable to paste from here on)

In my GTK app, I am using:

    clipboard = gtk_clipboard_get(GDK_SELECTION_CLIPBOARD);
    if(gtk_clipboard_wait_is_text_available(clipboard) == TRUE)
	clipboard_text = gtk_clipboard_wait_for_text(clipboard);

I wrote a quick test app using the Win32 API and it works fine in every case (here is part of the src):

  HWND hwnd = get_hwnd();
  HGLOBAL hglb; 
  LPSTR lpstr; 
  char *text = NULL;

      fprintf(stdout, "could not open clipboard\n");
      return NULL;

  hglb = GetClipboardData(CF_TEXT); 
  lpstr = GlobalLock(hglb); 

  text = strdup(lpstr);

Is this related to this bug?

If not (and it is a bug), I will report a new bug.  Also, would you like the test program (full src) attached to the bug?

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