GtkSelectionMode in GtkTreeView


As far as I can tell, the different modes from GtkSelectionMode have the
following behavior in GtkTreeView, with respect to the arrow keys:

Arrow keys change the selection and the focus row.

Arrow keys change the selection and the focus row.  Ctrl-arrows just
changes the focus row.

I haven't really tested this, but I assume it has some sensible

Shouldn't BROWSE cause plain arrow keys to just move the focus row?  I'm
looking into #125955 and I think the best behavior would be this:

- Focusing the shortcuts list would just cause a focused row to be
stippled around, but not selected.
- Pressing the arrow keys would move the focused row (e.g. the stippled
rectangle), but not change the selection.
- Pressing Space or Enter would actually change the selection.

In turn, this would make Owen's partial fix for #125955 work right, as
it would be clear to the user when a folder from the shortcuts pane is
the current folder in the file chooser.


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