GtkFileSystemWin32 (was Re: Gtk+ 2.3 ABI breakage)

At 09:08 01.11.03 -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:
>On Sat, 2003-11-01 at 13:57, Hans Breuer wrote:
>I'm a bit curious how you are testing out testfilechooser, since
>my expectation was that it would take substantial work to get
>it to go on Win32. 
>(To get it to go right, GtkFileSystem needs to be ported to the Win32
>shell API, which requires a change to GtkFilePath, though something
>simple  similar to GtkFileSystemUnix is probably possible.)
The 'simple similar' does already exist on my local disk. 
And here are some questions which arose while porting ;-)

- GtkFileSystemUnix and GtkFileSystemWin32 currently share a lot
  of code, i.e. all which is using the abstraction already supplied
  by GLib. Would a patch which introduces a common base class -
  say GtkFileSystemGos - be acceptable ?

- To get file type specific icons (MIME handling in GtkFsUnix) on
  win32 (probably based on FindExecutable and ExtractIcon to use
  the system defaults) it appears to be required to extend GtkFileInfo
  to take a GdkPixbuf, which would be created from the backend data.
  Am I right or do you have some other plan ?

- For basic devices like floppy, cdrom, fixed disk, ram disk it would
  be nice if Gtk stock icons could be used. At the moment there is
  a gnome icon dependency ("gnome-fs-*") which I'd like to avoid 
  for win32.

- How do you want all this to be processed ? Should I commit what
  I have (gtkfilesystemwin32.[hc] and some small portability
  changes to other files) or do you want to review win32
  specific patches ?


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