Re: api patches

On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 04:07, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Trying to reduce the huge 2.4 api freeze and 2.4 milestones...
> here is a list of simple patches found on 2.4. api freeze which should be
> quickly reviewable.
> Tell me which of these you consider ready to go in.

Thanks a lot for making up this list; efforts like this to keep
me honest are definitely useful.

I've added comments below, though actually everything is just
duplicating what I've added to the bug reports.


> 65501 Message dialog constructor that takes markup 

Good to commit.

> 70961 Extension to change alignment of stock image/labels in gtkbuttons

Added various questions and comments.

> 72258 Need public variant of gtk_widget_queue_resize that does not queue a
> redraw

Good to commit.

> 79563 no notification of changes to radio group on GtkRadioButton 

Added a comment clarifying what I was suggesting.

> 95816 add gtk_window_set_default_icon()

Good (with minor comment)

> 95897 gdk_spawn utility methods ?

Added some comments, sent out mail asking for other people to comment.

> 101774 [patch] Need API calls to tell if target exists on clipboard

OK in broad outline, needs various changes commented in bug.

> 103456 New function gtk_widget_get_mnemonic_labels() requested.

Added some comments about needed changes.

> 104811 Not possible to get position and text for a GtkScale

Added some notes about an alternate approach that requires a bit
more rewriting, but should be cleaner, to the bug.

> 106751 gdk_gc_set_clip_rectangle performance

Add some comments about needed information and possible alternate
ways to get the same performance improvemetn.

> 111779  missing properties

Patch looks fine, with minor comment (doesn't close the bug)

> 102678 GtkCellRender::render() should take a GdkDrawable*, not a GdkWindow*
> 108458 Add gtk_tree_view_column_reorder_cell

For the GtkTreeView maintainers.

> 78669 with hidden cursor, keynav shouldn't be cursor-based

Looks good.


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