Re: Reevaluating the 2.4 schedule

On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 00:41, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Am Don, 2003-07-17 um 16.52 schrieb Owen Taylor:
> > One definitely possibility is that we should just move it into GTK+ 
> > as soon as possible, and at least move gtk-demo to it, write docs, etc,
> > after all, we aren't going to get any experience with the API
> > in practice as long as it languishes in libegg.

	Quite - until it's in gtk+ I guess no-one will even look at moving
libbonobo to use the new APIs so ...

> This gets my vote. Lets move it in. The libbonobo cognoscendi have had
> plenty of time to review the stuff. If they haven't done till now, its
> unlikely that we will get feedback before 2.3.0 gets out.

	The only review I suspect will be of the form; "we're stuck on this
stage of porting libbonoboui" ;-)

	Getting that to start ASAP is quite important I think. Of course -
Federico has been poking at some interesting keybinding/focus issues
that may have a rather wide ranging scope so it'd be nice to have him
look at this when it's in too.

	AFAIR - when I last looked at the code, it seemed feasible that we
could layer libbonoboui on top of it without excessive problems but I
havn't looked at it since.



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