[Fwd: Folow-up question regarding the linux-fb port of gtk]

I'm in the process of porting gtk to a developmental OS that has its own basic windowing system that controls all memory and device accesses. This means that when I open a new display, the mmap call that maps the display's fb_mem pointer to the memory-mapped linux-fb (/dev/fb0) is replaces with a call to a function that returns a memory region that is to be assumed to be the linux fb. Hence, all operations that change the fb contents (like changing pixel contents) will now have to be followed up with a call to the windowing system to tell it to blit the contents onto the actual fb.

My question is this:
Is there one file or set of files whose functions write directly to the linux fb?
gdkrender-fb.c is one: are there any others?

appreciate any help. thanks.

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