Re: GTK+ 2.2.0: gtk_window_move(window, 0, 0)

At 22:29 24.01.03 +0000, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>Ken Rastatter writes:
> > For example, the following simple test program create a TOPLEVEL
> > window and moves it to (0,0).  One should see the top, left corner
> > of the GTK window's title bar moved to the top, left corner of the
> > Windows desktop like this:
> > However, 2.2.0 moves the top, left corner of the GTK window's
> > *client area* to the top,
>(thus leaving the title bar outside the screen)
>How does GTK+ do this on X11? Do top-level window coordinates and
>sizes take the window decorations into account or not? I have reasoned
>one should not take them into account, and that all coordinates and
>sizes should refer to the so-called client area.
I always assumed placing the top level window on X11 is window
manager business. So the rather annoying behaviour of placing
the windows title bar outside of the screen would mostly only
visible on win32.
My workaround in gdk/win32 was the SafeAdjustWindowRect function,
which now that negative coordinates should become valid probably
won't work anymore 

>Or should some mixture be used, for instance so that a top-level
>window size specifies the client area size, but its coordinates are
>the decoration's (title bar's) coordinates?
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