Re: GtkWidget Style Properties and Theme Engines

On Mon, 2003-01-20 at 16:54, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Not true; clearly each style can have only one theme engine, but each
> can have different settings in the same gtkrc for different theme
> engines if you are mixing theme engines in the same gtkrc.

Right. But the idea is to have one style. Having different styles and
changing which one to use to change the engine would require more
complexity than already exists. So what I said may not be entirely
true, it's the most evident situation. The goal is to simplify all of
these settings.

> I don't see how the API would work for this. Did you have a concrete
> plan for how it would look?

I was going to do something basically the same as the widget style stuff,
and add some way to set properties in code. Though I know that the style
properties can be set in the gtkrc, and you have strong beliefs that this
is the One True Way (TM), I strongly believe that it isn't, and that we
need some way to set style properties for widgets, in code. To keep the
gtkrc minimal to a point, and to keep weird style properties for some
engines screwing with widgets when using other engines, if we go the way
I'm suggesting here, and having a gtkrc with settings for different engines.


-- dobey

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