[ Accidentally sent this to just Matthias yesterday ]

On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 20:35, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> So, February 1 is already upon us.
> Where do we stand plan/2.4 ?

A bit behind schedule?

Nothing particularly new in that...

The steps we need to move forward on planning at this point:
 - Make sure we have detailed design proposals (and/or prototypes)
   for all the items we want to handle.

 - Get some idea of who is going to be working on what.

 - Decide against some additions (always the hard part)

 - Start getting stuff into CVS

I'll be giving a talk about GTK+-2.4 at FOSDEM next weekend; I'm
concentrating on the file selector for that ... hopefully I can 
kill two birds with one stone and the write up for that will serve
as the design proposal for the new file selector.

The file selector, menu, and combo API's are going to be the
ones that will be most controversial, so that's where we need
to focus effort right now.

I think it would make sense to create separate sub-planning pages
for the menu items. I'll do one for the file selector. Also, 
I want to look at EggToolbar and the menu API stuff in near future,
but perhaps the relevant parties want to "gather the evidence" for


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